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Power Networking

News flash: Everyone wants to conduct business with people they like who offer services or products they believe in using. If people like you, they'll help you. If they don't like you, they won't. Power-schmoozing is a highly developed skill that develops trust and deep levels of rapport with people who will, in turn, help you with some aspect of your business.

Information Gathering

Information gathering is both an art and a science. It is an art because the person who collects the information needs to be sensitive, and must have an understanding of what to collect and what to focus on, the channels where the source of information can be gathered. It is a science because it requires proper methodology and the use of specific tools in order to be effective. 

Make It Personal

Unexpected gifts show you genuinely care about the relationship with them, and that you understand them. It’s pointless sending a beautiful bottle of wine if they don’t drink alcohol. While the sentiment will still be appreciated, it won’t create the wow factor for them.

Confidentiality Is Highest Priority

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability is a model designed to guide policies for information security within an organization. In this context, confidentiality is a set of rules that limits access to information, integrity is the assurance that the information is trustworthy and accurate, and availability is a guarantee of ready access to the information by authorized people. 

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